Who We Are

ESH Software provides integrated clinical, research and operations based automated intelligence to a hospitalís diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology departments.

ESH’s unique approach combines in-depth knowledge of industrial engineering, clinical, research and operations know-how with flexible, feature rich and fully integrated software.

ESH has demonstrated first-class user support, well-designed education and training, fast track implementation that have resulted in significant cost-savings to hospitals.

We are proud to be the only vendor in the healthcare information system business that recognizes the need for, and provides turnkey software solution for the entire Diagnostic department.

ESH’s reputation for providing leading solutions is built on our extensive clinical and diagnostic experience, our strong business and technical skills and our unique ability to bring both together in an integrated solution that empowers hospitals to maximize patient care and minimize operations cost.

Our mission

To provide hospitals with a completely integrated business and clinical solution that will maximize patient care, operations performance and research, ensuring a fiscally sound and healthy future.


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