How Esh IGT Addresses Key Drivers

How Esh-IGT Addresses The Missing Key Drivers:

  • Esh-IGT applies Industrial Engineering methodology to create an integrated solution for all three key drivers – Clinical, Research and Operational.

  • Esh-IGT views the patient case procedure as a “manufacturing work order” and applies ERP methodology to the patient care procedure using one integrated database.

  • The data is entered only once and it used by the members of the clinical and operational teams.

  • The foundation of the Esh-IGT solution is the Standard Case Template, which contains the procedure components – Medical Tasks, Inventory, Equipment and Billing Codes.

  • Each time that a patient is scheduled for a procedure the Standard Case components are copied into the patient case procedure.

  • Esh-IGT applies the concept “manage by exception” to the patient case procedure. Only patient specific standard case components are replaced, resulting in significantly improved data quality and reduction of the data collection time.

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