• Requisition Flow
    • Scan the faxed forms from the referring physician into Esh-IGT
    • Create the requisition and assign to on duty radiologist
    • Assign protocol, priority and GAD by the radiologist
    • Perform initial screening by the technologist
    • Define anesthesia type by the nurse
    • Schedule exam date and time by the clerk
  • Requisition Input
    • Data is entered only once
    • Using one screen to manage the requisition data
    • Scanned forms are available online for screening and prioritizing
  • Requisition Processing
    • Applying business rules to validate the input data and the process stage
    • Retrieve patient demographic automatically
    • Status tracking with date stamp and user login
    • Check for schedule conflict prior to assigning exam date
  • Requisition output
    • Online graphical scheduling board
    • Room scheduling report
    • Forecast future room availability
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