Active Patient Follow Up

Esh-IGT provides the physicians with a dedicated wireless PDA application to track and record the patient follow up at bedside.


The active patient list is automatically populated when the case is completed and sorted according to the hospital physical layout of the wards.




The physicians can view the active patient list online including the most recent follow history and record a new follow up at bedside.


The follow up data is automatically transmitted via secure wireless network to the main Esh-IGT Server and can be shared with the medical staff in the hospital.




The proactive follow up reports in Esh-IGT allows the physicians and the medical support staff to plan in advance any follows up requirements and creates an automatic alert.

Active patient follow up reports:

    • Patient next schedule visit
    • Patient C-tube 1 year follow up
    • Patient follow up history
    • Follow up list by ward and name
    • Next day follow up call
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