Benefits Operation Budget
  • Reduce inventory supply cost by 20%

  • Eliminate expired inventory lots

  • Automatically measure and report wait list performance and past due exams

  • Actual to budget real time tracking

  • Optimizing inventory ordering & eliminate shortages of high value materials

  • Improve resource forecast and planning to 85% accuracy level

  • Automatically measure and report all performance indicators for actual,
    budget and forecasting

  • Tightly control inventory cost by procedure

  • Quick start up and training within 1 week

  • Alert on any price increase of supply cost

  • Increase the patient throughput by room per day

  • Increase room utilization to 85% accuracy level

Radiology Information Systems (RIS)

ESH’s radiology information system provides integrated software specifically developed to meet the needs of a hospital’s imaging and radiology departments. It automates every aspect of patient care from scheduling to billing for easy and efficient management. 

With our advanced radiology information technology, users can store and retrieve patient images in their account. All case data is easily accessed and tools are provided for analysis and reporting needs.

To discuss the benefits of our technology with an RIS expert, we welcome you to call (905) 660-8725 or e-mail us at

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