Benefits Clinical ó Patient Tracking Software from Esh-IGT
  • Physicians save time by having one point of access to patient records, which
    provides a procedure history with search capabilities by data fields

  • Increase accuracy of data collection with Esh-IGT proactive automated business rules

  • Reduce clinical/medical error i.e., allergies, previous adverse reaction to sedation or
    anesthesia with automated alerts

  • Increase time allocated directly to patient care

  • Increase time allocated to supplementary activities

  • Improve communication within the circle of the patient care by using
    system wide electronic notes

  • Ensure patient is adequately sedated by providing sedation dosage history

  • Improve patient privacy by using electronic signature to lock the data

  • Reduce time to generate procedure documentation

  • Reduce patient follow up time by using PDA at bedside and immediately link
    the data to Esh-IGT

  • Improve productivity for each modality/department with Esh-IGT tailored functionality

  • Increase clinical efficiency by identifying patients by ICD-9 codes and compare it
    against clinical data

Esh’s patient records software enables users to have a streamlined view of an individual patient’s health status along with patient data, chart notes, lab results, diagnostic images, medications prescribed, diagnosis and more. 

Personal information about the patient including home address is also captured by our patient management database. All parties who require access to the patientís case will be able to find everything they need at their fingertips with our comprehensive hospital patient management software.

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